Rede Governança Brasil – RGB emerged as a civic, non-profit movement whose mission is to collaborate in the implementation of Governance policies in Brazil and Latin America. Our work is based on the vision of a country where governance is performed in an integral, ethical, transparent manner and focused on delivering value to society, making Brazil a more developed, sustainable nation, with social and economic evolution.


Our activities are guided by the principles of Transparency, Equity, Accountability and Compliance.


In this sense, on February 23,  2021, RGB took another bold step towards fulfilling its mission, values and principles.


Through the visionary look of Minister Augusto Nardes , since July 7, 2019, RGB's work has consolidated the real capacity for change in the Brazilian and world scenario  through the dissemination of Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, both in the Public sector and in the Private sector.


Each of our volunteers has notably played a significant role in this expansion. The donation, the time, the knowledge proved that proactivism, independence, dignity, diversity, inclusion, collaboration, coherence, achievement, recognition are feasible perspectives for building a better Brazil.  


As a result of this effort, the Latin American Governance Association – ALAGOV was born , which will bring tone and strength for further advances and connections in Governance.


It is noteworthy, therefore, that RGB , in addition to the name “Rede Governança Brasil”, as a trade name, will adopt the corporate name: Associação Latino-Americana de Governança – ALAGOV.  


From Governance to Hope!

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Almir Lima Nascimento

Altiéres de Oliveira Silva

Alzira Fernanda Oliveira

Anibal Guillermo Kohlhuber

Antonio Carvalho and Silva Neto

Augusto César Carvalho Barbosa de Souza

Bruno Galvão Ferola

Carla Simone Viana Lage

Clarissa Freitas Rodrigues de Lima Carvalho

Claudio Carrera Maretti

Cristiane Geiss Nardes Farinon

Dalmo Jorge Lima Palmeira

Danila Resende Duarte Marvão

Dercio José Carvalheda Júnior

Dirceu Victor Monte de Hollanda

Douglas Avetikian

Eduardo Xavier

Elise Eleonore de Brites

Erika Gomes Lacet

Evandro Costa Gama

Fagner Marcelo Santos Becker

Felippe Vilaça Loureiro Santos

Fernando Queiroz Segovia Oliveira

Flávio Feitosa Costa

Francisco Alexandre Colares Melo Carlos

Gisely Gabriela Bezerra de Sousa

Henrique Farinon

Izabela Zatonelli Collares

João Augusto Nardes

João Felipe Cunha Pereira

John Elyston de Souza Altmann

José Benício Vale de Aguiar

José Luis Bringel Vidal

Leonardo Andreotti Paulo de Oliveira

Luana Bezerra dos Santos Lourenço

Lucas Barbosa Paglia

Lúcio Carlos de Pinho Filho

Luís Fernando Éboli Kimaid

Luís Fernando Pires Machado

Luiz Antônio Peixoto Valle

Macleuler Costa Lima, Brazilian

Maira Caleffi

Marcella Blok

Marconi Augusto Fernandes de Castro Braga

Marcos França da Silva

Mariana Cruz Montenegro

Odilon Neves

Paulo José Ribeiro Alves

Paulo Renato Menzel

Pedro Henrique Andrade Souza

Petrus Elesbão Lima da Silva

Poliana Coelho Pacheco

Raphael Bolcke

Renata Andrade Santos

Renato Lauri Breunig

Ricardo Todeschini Zílio

Roberta Muniz Codignoto

Rosimar da Silva Suzano

Severiano José Costandrade

Sonia Regina Avedikian

Valeria dos Santos Cordeiro

Vera Raquel Lopes Linhares da Silva

Vládia Pompeu da Silva

Wagner de Campos Rosario

Walter Marine

Welles Matias de Abreu

Weskley Rodrigues dos Santos